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Roger Sandoval

Roger is the founder of Arrive On Time Delivery. During Thanksgiving of 20  oger’s wife suggested a new line of business to consider. As they talked, roger made it clear he was unhappy in his sales position. During that conversation, Roger's wife liked the idea of starting a courier company. Seemed natural, considering Roger's father spent his life in logistics and Roger spent many years in that line of business as well. To Roger, it sounded simple enough and with his background in sales and IT recruiting that was a plus. He could begin marketing to companies and start recruiting drivers. On March 3rd, 2003, one parcel became two, then three, and then the number of parcels per day increased dramatically. After some careful consideration, he saw the potential in building a grand business model. He could use his sales skills, knowledge, and service to keep growing Arrive On Time Delivery..

During the first nine months, Roger dispatched from his home office and used his pickup truck for deliveries. As the business grew, he moved into a small office space and brought on an employee, as more clients started utilizing Arrive On Time Delivery's services.

In time, Roger approached a partner from a previous business who immediately saw the worth of the delivery business and the value of its organic growth. They started with one vehicle, setting out to garner their first clients. For the first two years, they were strongly suited for the mortgage and title industries but maintained their vision of expanding quality delivery service to other industries.

In 2005, Roger purchased his partner’s share of Arrive On Time Delivery. From 2005 till present day, Arrive On Time Delivery has become a national leader in the pharmaceutical, laboratory, and medical industry. Arrive On Time Delivery has built a model that allows them to maintain the highest level of service and professional image in any market across the United States. 

 Daniel Sandoval


A couple of months after the inception of Arrive On Time Delivery, Daniel Sandoval became a part of the organization. Daniel’s background was sales, marketing, and logistics. He partnered with Roger to co-found the company and bring his customer relationship management skills to the table. Daniel’s focus is constantly toward growth of Arrive On Time Delivery. Considering the customer’s business as an extension and views the company’s delivery concerns as his own is a foundational practice for AOT. Daniel has helped provide solutions for their issues be it managers, dispatchers, drivers, or any area of delivery their current delivery provider falls short. Daniel has helped tailor Arrive On Time Delivery's mobile delivery technology which caters  to pharmacies, laboratories, and medical companies. Daniel is 100% committed to ensuring that his clients are going to receive the the best possible service in the industry. No matter what issue or problem your company may have, Arrive On Time Delivery has a solution.

Customers choose AOT because the relationship doesn’t get lost in the day-to-day process of large corporations. Whether discussing delivery improvement over breakfast, lunch, a face to face meeting or a simple phone call to gather feedback about AOT’s service, Daniel believes maintaining a consistent line of open communication with customer’s is a highly valued approach to doing business.

Daniel ensures time is taken to customize delivery services to their customer’s needs or requirements and then offers an efficient and cost effective delivery plan. 




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